How To Change Chords Quickly

from | taught by James Scott

Course description

In this Free Course we're going to walk through the System that I developed, and have used, for the last 15 years, with my Guitar Students to help them learn how to switch between any chords quickly, cleanly and in time.

In this Course we're going to look at 4 basic moves that occur on the guitar, working on the primary chord fingerings that cause the biggest problems for most Guitar Players struggling with chords.

After you go through 'How to Change Chords Quickly' you'll be able to approach any chord changes with the confidence that you'll be able to work through them quickly and get immediate results.

No more waiting around for months at a time to be able to play a chord progression in your favorite song!

Have fun!

- James "your guitar friend" Scott

James  Scott
James Scott
Founder and Lead Instructor

James Scott has been Playing the Guitar for 28 years, and Teaching Guitar for 24 years.

Having studied everything from AC/DC to Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, from Jazz to Bluegrass, James Scott's passion resides in the Language that each of these Genres has in Common....The Language of Music.

While his obsession with Teaching is as strong as his love for the Guitar itself, his uncanny knack for simplifying the complex has put James at the forefront of Online Instruction. 

With over 1.5 Million Views on Youtube, James Scott is committed to making The Art of Learning the Guitar accessible to people of all ages and learning styles.